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There's never been a better time to start a career in Beauty!


1. No age limit.

You can become a beauty professional at any age. There is no age requirement to excel in our industry. Individuals 17 years of age with a GED to folks with a mid-life career change can earn a State Beauty License and launch a career with unlimited earning potential. You are never "too old".

2. Write your own job description.

You can define who you are professionally by your level of expertise and your mastery of skills. You decide and follow the path of hair designer, colorist, educator, nail technician, skin specialist, salon manager, salon owner and the list goes on and on. Find your passion and follow your path.

3. Recession proof.

We in the beauty industry can rest assured that as long as individuals have hair, nails and skin, you have a potential customer. No matter what the economy is doing, hair, nails and skin need attention.

4. Give yourself a raise.

In so many areas of our economy, our financial progress is in someone else's hands. With your beauty clientele, the happier they are, the more clients you receive, thus growing your income. Also, the more you are in demand, the more you can charge for services.

5. Own your own success.

Success in the industry is a matter of choice, not chance. Many individuals today are entering the beauty business due to the fact of the total control of your profession is in the destiny of your own hands, literally. Success is your choice!

6. Go anywhere.

Your skills and expertise as a beauty professional go where you go.  Your art is universal with no language barrier!

7. Choose who's the boss.

You can decide who the boss is by being part of a small company or large corporation bigger than yourself. Most venture out of the secure environment by being an independent contractor, renting space or owning your own salon. Define your own boss by your own standards. Who's the boss?

8. No replacements.

Computers are here to stay. They practically run the world but no where in the world can you stick your hair, nails or skin into a computer monitor and receive a beauty service. Services are performed by human beings. You cannot be replaced by computers.

9. Pay it forward.

You make the world a beautiful world one head, hand or face at a time. Realize you are a part of bringing beauty, happiness and revenue into the world through your skills. Give back through education, training and donating your time. Pay it forward with contribution.

10. The journey is yours.

This industry's path is a ride! Your education and licensure are those keys to the car for the beauty rides. You decide where you're heading; how fast, how slow and what road to take. Enjoy the ride. Lavish Beauty School wants to start your engine and observe your journey to the top. See you at the top!

Top 10 Reasons to Enter the Beauty Business

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