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Our Success Stories

"I dream of being able to contribute in taking care of my family financially. A career in cosmetology would not only help my family, but will also be something I can be proud of."
"I have always wanted to go to school to be a nail tech ever since I was a little boy. I feel that this is what I am supposed to do. I will achieve and build a great business. I am determined." 
"I have come to find that hairstyling is one of my many gifts and passions. I am so excited for this new chance at a new life. I want to be an example for all single moms out there who have small resources, but big dreams." 
"Nails are a part of me. I practice my skills every day on family and friends, and this is my place. This is my dream. My most meaningful achievement is recognizing my talents and the will to move forward."
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