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TEL: 612-869-4073

TEL: 612-869-4073

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The Cosmetology program at Lavish Beauty School will allow you to express your creativity and talent to transform your clients from average to spectacular in one sitting!
The program's focus is primarily on hair-styling. You will learn to cut and style all types of hair as well as straighten, color, and create permanent waving. We also train students as general beauticians versed in manicures, facials, make up application, waxing, massage treatments and eyelash extensions.

Complete your cosmetology license here at Lavish Beauty where students have multiple career opportunities...


The cosmetology course is:

  • 1,550 hours

  • Tuition $15,000

  • 420 hours theory training online followed by 1,130 hours clinical training.


The Hair Technician program at Lavish Beauty School will allow you to obtain your license to perform hair care services only.

Hair Technician services include cutting the hair and the application of dyes, bleach, reactive chemicals, keratin, or other preparations to color or alter the structure of the hair.

The hair technician course is:

  • 900 hours

  • Tuition $8,500

  • 300 hours theory training online followed by 600 hours clinical training.


Stylist • Make-up Artist • Chemical/Color Technician • Salon Owner • Nail Technician

  • Photo ID


Nail Technology lets you express your creativity and talent in nail care and artificial nail applications. Lavish Beauty School's nail technology license course is a 350-hour program that covers nail conditioning, nail cleaning, and nail shaping. Learn how to perform manicures, pedicures, and polish, gel and artificial nail applications.

The Nail Technology course is:

  • 350 hours

  • Tuition $3,000

  • 200 hours theory training followed by 150 hours clinical training.


  • Photo ID

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Lavish Beauty's Esthetics Program will teach you about the anatomy and physiology of the skin as well as focusing on skin care, make up, facials, body treatments, full body waxing, and eyelash extensions.
Estheticians are skincare specialists, trained in the art of performing services that enhance, treat or beautify the skin. Many professionals in this field enjoy the satisfaction of knowing they can provide relief to those suffering from painful and/or embarrassing skin conditions, and helping people put their best face forward.
If you’re interested in skin care, enjoy working with people and have a friendly and engaging personality, you could be well-suited to earning your Esthetics license at Lavish Beauty School!

Lavish Beauty School is excited to offer a NEW program of Advanced Esthetics. Advanced Esthetics is a 500 hour program. Also a Hybrid Course of which 250 hours are completed online (self-paced) followed by 250 hours of clinical training in school. 

AP Esthetics will cover Advanced Exfoliation Chemical Peels, Advanced Exfoliation Machine or Device Treatments, Electrical Energy Treatments, Needling Treatments, Advanced Extractions
& Lymphatics Drainage Treatments. 
After successfully completing the Esthetics & AP Esthetics program, students have multiple career opportunities...


The Esthiology course is:

  • 600 hours

  • Tuition $7,500

  • 200 hours theory training followed by 400 hours Clinical Training.

The Advanced Esthiology course is:

  • 500 hours

  • Tuition $8,000

  • 250 hours theory training followed by 250 hours clinical training.

Esthetician • Make-up Artist • Cosmetic Technician • Salon Manager

  • Photo ID.

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Lavish Beauty School is proud to offer this 14 HRS Eyelash Extension Licensure Course. Starting with 8 HRS of Theory Training followed by 6 HRS of Hands-On Clinical Training in School. Once completed, this will allow our students to be eligible for licensure in the state of MN. Our students will learn the fundamentals of eyelash extension application through hands on training with models or mannequins. You will leave with all of the knowledge that you need to pass your MN Licensure Eyelash Extension Technician course and ready to make your imprint in the lashing world!     
Our in-person training consists of a licensed Master Lash educator sharing their knowledge about classic lashes, lash application, safety and sanitation and working with clients. The Master Lash educator will oversee your lashing application on your live model and guide you through the fundamentals of being a lash artist. You will leave ready to join the world of lashing Confidentially!

Please contact us for more details.


The Eyelash Extensions course is:

  • 14 hours

  • Tuition $1,500

  • 8 hours theory training followed by 6 hours clinical training.


  • Photo ID

  • Must be 17 or older

*Prices and course dates are subject to change please contact for more information*



  • Cosmetology

    Hair Care, Skin Care, Nail Care & Eyelash Extensions
    Valid for 3 months
  • Nail Technology

    Nail Care, Manicure, Pedicure, Artificial Nails, & Sculptured Nails
    Valid for 3 months
  • Esthiology

    Facials, Waxing, Make- Up & Eyelash Extensions
    Valid for 3 months
  • Eyelash Extensions

    Eyelash Extensions Application & Removal
    Valid for 3 months
  • Advanced Esthiology

    Chemical Peels, Dermaplaning, Micro-needling, Micro-Dermabrasion & Hydro-Dermabrasion
    Valid for 3 months
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